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The swiss-made QUALITY

The origins of the special class of ‘Swiss made’ products began in earnest in the seventeenth century when the corporation of watchmakers of Geneva decided to affix a stamp on their watches to certify the quality.
Today the Swiss made label has an unprecedented confidence.

Switzerland has many small and large traditional brands but also leads outs now in innovative and unparalleled quality brands.

For a product to be stamped ‘Swiss Made’, its cost (i.e. the cost of manufacturing, assembly as well as research and development) must be at least 60% derived in Switzerland and the final production process must also have been completed in Switzerland.


SWISSCOS Cosmetic Guarantee

Our products are 100% made in Switzerland and our baby products are endorsed by SWISSCOS the association for the protection of the origin of Swiss cosmetics.

On the basis of the new directives from Brussels and the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements concerning the protection of guarantees of origin, the Association will not hesitate to attack any company which illegally uses the designation ‘Swiss Made’ for its products and in this connection SWISSCOS can rely on the support of the federal authorities.

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